At Srijan , we have an ideal environment for the children. We care about their overall growth along with their safety.

a. Eco- Friendly Campus
Srijan School has an ideal environment for the children to have a close bond with nature. The school is situated at Gaulapar, about 4 kilometres from Haldwani city. The pollution free atmosphere ensures a healthy campus. The rich oxygen and plastic free zone add to this. The refreshing lush green crop fields around, traffic free surroundings & the green gardens altogether contribute a special charm to Srijan, and classify it as an environment friendly school.

b. Safe and Secure Campus
Centralized Closed Circuit Monitoring System

The school is monitored by a closed circuit monitoring system. Cameras are fixed at appropriate locations that require constant monitoring. The visuals recorded by the cameras are transferred to the computer system in the Principal’s office and in the Administration Office. These visuals are also transferred to the school smart phones.

The school has security on duty round the clock. Visitors should note their name and purpose of visit in the register, kept in the Security Cabin.

Science Lab

In order to develop scientific temper among the young minds, school has a science lab. Teachers demonstrations & experiments have helped students to understand the fundamentals of science. The lab is adequately equipped for the junior classes. 

Computer Lab

School has a computer lab where students learn the initials of Computer science.


School has Library where a variety of books are available for the students and teachers. School has class library for primary classes.

e.Audio Visual Room

The school has a well-equipped audio-visual room with computer, LCD projector and audio systems.

f.Medical Facilities

School has a first aid room, where first aid to all minor injuries that happen within the school.

g.Transportation Facilities

The school provides transportation facilities to students. Buses are operated in all important routes. We have well experienced and trained drivers and nannies to take care of the children.

h.Play Area

School has two separate play grounds. One for primary classes, the second one is for the junior classes.


Counselling is provided for the students for their holistic personality development, in order to impart right values and attitudes to the young minds, to bring up their hidden potential and to motivate them. Psychological counselling is imparted to pupils who are unbalanced psychologically, socially, emotionally or due to circumstances. Remedial measures are offered to students who are in need of them.


School has multi purpose activity room to nurture the hidden talent of the students.