Details of Chairman/ Directors/ Stakeholders
At Srijan, Management and Faculty form a dedicated team of professionals with diverse strengths and superior
qualifications. Our team is committed to raising the benchmark for international education in India, and taking
Step to Success to greater heights as the best international school in Meerut, India.
The Board of Advisors comprises highly accomplished people from the world of academia, arts, sports,
business enterprise, technology and science. They bring to the school their collective experience and world
view. Members of the Board contribute in an advisory capacity, and address students, teachers and parents on
a periodic basis.
About the Chairman

Our Chairman Dr. G. S. Mehra is the enlightened source that leads us with a single –minded dedication
towards our goals. With a deep-rooted commitment to education, Dr. Mehra believes in providing students
with cutting edge in Technology along with a strong foundation in life skills. Over the years, he has effortlessly
played different roles in the form of an educationist, guide, parent, friend and mentor as per the needs of his
students and faculty.
Dr. Mehra, an educationist of high repute has been in the education domain for around 40 years now with
multiple roles. First as a teacher, principal & Education officer & then Asst. Commissioner with KVS (Ministry of
HRD). Post Retirement he has been associated with BeerShiba School in Haldwani for past 10 years. A

recipient of many awards in the field of education, he has successfully introduced and implemented radical
measures with comprehensive know –how in Education Field.
Dr. Mehra says – “One has to go beyond the traditional methods and ensure education for understanding that
is excellent in equality, personally engaging and prepares global citizen that are ready to face the challenges of
the brave new world. At Srijan, Gurgaon every child is made to feel special and cared for. It's a school where
learning is fun. It's a school for life. We are dedicated to the moral, spiritual and ethical development of
children. We aim to edify them about the worth of honesty, dignity and justice. We are determined to create
an atmosphere where values are considered an achievement.”
Srijan School is proud to have him as the leader of the team. His accomplishments in personal & professional
life serve as an inspiration to the school.

Leadership Team

Dr. G. S Mehra
Chairman & Founder

Smt. Shobha Mehra
Secretary , Managing Trustee

Co- Founder

Piyush Mehra
Joint Secretary


Mr. ____


Mr. ____

Head Mistress &
Head Master
Mr. ____


Mr. _____

The teachers at Srijan are dedicated to shaping young lives with singular commitment and creativity. They
embody our Core Values , and bring our Core Purpose to life. Our faculty comprises qualified educators.

empowering and sensitive individuals, who enable a warm and open – yet challenging environment which
inspires learning, both academic and personal.
Our faculty is selected through a rigorous process of interviews, inductions and practical demonstrations of
their abilities. They are a mixture of youth and experience, with educational as well as real world expertise.
Chosen for their innovative and effective skills, our teachers are supported by top-of-the-line facilities /
resources, customised teaching aids, and multimedia options. This helps them to accurately execute our
dynamic teaching-learning model and interpret our unique curriculum.
Following our Core Value of “inculcating a passion for excellence “, Srijan faculty members undergo thorough
training in teaching methodology and their specific subject areas, which is updated every year. While we have
a part time Counsellor, teachers are also trained in basic counselling skills so they can spot changes in
manifested behaviour among children and offer emotional support where needed. Our teachers take very
seriously their responsibility of monitoring the personal and social well-being of our children including health,
social and moral education.
Teachers are also given professional development opportunities. This includes the foundation program & and
need-based in-house skill development. All together, each teacher undertakes continuous formal training
every year. This is in addition to the orientation/induction for new teachers at the beginning of the academic
year, followed by mentoring by more experienced teachers and Heads of Department over the course of the
first year.
We believe that our students’ development is enhanced by continuous dialogue between their parents and
our faculty, as part of our community -centric culture. This communication occurs through scheduled one-to-
one meetings from time to time.
Our faculty contributes their ideas, skills and expertise in evolving every facet of the schools functioning, from
our culture, discipline and teaching practices, to assessment methodologies and community service. With an
incredible strength of focus and a zeal for excellence, our teachers are perfect role models and guides for the
children, and active agents for change and growth.


The logo of Srijan School depicts our motto. The shield is divided into four. The graduation hat symbolizes the
achievement in education, knowledge and wisdom. The globe represents the earth emphasizing our global
view, our belief that world is a family, and we are global citizens. The humans displayed highlight our happy
children and the importance of teamwork. The folded palms represent the gesture ‘Namaste’, underlining our
respect for Indian values. The shield shows how one protects oneself by achieving knowledge and wisdom. The
olive branch symbolizes prosperity and peace on attainment of wisdom.