a. Eco- Friendly Campus
Srijan School has an ideal environment for the children to have a close bond with nature. The school is situated at Golapar, about 3 kilometre from Haldwani city. The pollution free atmosphere ensures a healthy campus. The rich oxygen and plastic free zone add to this. The refreshing lush green crop fields around, traffic free surroundings & the green gardens altogether contribute a special charm to Srijan, and classify it as an environment friendly school.

b. Safe and Secure Campus
Centralized Closed Circuit Monitoring System: The school is monitored by a closed circuit monitoring system. Cameras are fixed at appropriate locations that require constant monitoring. The visuals recorded by the cameras are transferred to the computer system in the Principal’s office and in the Administration Office. These visuals are also transferred to the school smart phones.

The school has security on duty round the clock. Visitors should note their name and purpose of visit in the register, kept in the Security Cabin.

c. Smart Class
An advanced facility in the school is the smart class. The topics in all subjects for all classes from Junior School to Senior Secondary School are presented before the students in visual screens by means of network which connects the digital class rooms and the knowledge centre. The topics are presented in animated forms accompanied by audio in the digital classes. These visuals of the topic impart a better understanding to the students, making teaching and learning much easier.

d. Laboratories
Science Laboratories: Well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology play a prominent role in inducing scientific temper in our students. These laboratories are fully furnished with apparatuses as per the requirements of the syllabus. The laboratories are built with safety measures and they are user-friendly.

Mathematics Lab: The students understand Mathematics from the practical point of view from the Mathematics lab. Mathematics TGT and PGT guide the students in the Mathematics lab.

Computer Lab: The Computer lab under the Computer Department has systems for the students in the ratio 1:1. This is available for instructional and training purposes.

e. Library
Srijan possess well-stocked library with numerous books and periodicals which includes encyclopedias,
dictionaries, standard reference books and many more along with a well-trained library staff to render any
help to the little ones. An efficient and qualified librarian manages the library. Students are allowed to borrow books and shall retain it only for a period of one week.

f. Audio Visual Room
The school has a well-equipped audio visual room with computer, LCD projector and audio systems.

g. Medical Facilities
Medical camp is conducted every year were students are subjected to medical checkup by physicians and
other specialists. General physique, dental checkup, vision and hearing test are conducted. First aid is given to all minor injuries that happen within the school. The school has a very hygienic and well
maintained room to accommodate the students falling sick during the school hours. The medical room is well furnished to satisfy the needs of the users. The medical room is cleaned regularly or as and when need arises with antibacterial cleansers. The medical room is equipped with first aid medicines. The school has a vehicle and a driver for emergency transportation of pupils to hospitals/ clinics.

h. Transportation Facilities
School bus rides are joyful and memorable moments of the school days. The school provides transportation facilities to students. Buses are operated in all important routes. We have well experienced and trained drivers and nannies to take care of the children. Parents/ Guardians who wants to send their ward by school bus should apply for the same to the Principal at the beginning of the academic year. The bus fees shall be remitted in a single installment along with the Annual fees or in three installments along with the term fees. To discontinue the bus facility, one month’s notice in writing shall be given by the parent/ guardian to the Principal. Requests for change of boarding points shall be made in writing one month in advance. Students are allowed to board bus only on displaying the boarding pass. Nobody without a valid bus pass will be allowed to board the bus. Loss of pass shall be reported promptly in the office. A new one can be sought after remitting a fine of Rs.20/-. The student should reach the
boarding point prior to the scheduled time and should not keep the school bus waiting.

A responsible person known to the driver and nanny may be engaged to bring the child to the boarding point and to take the child back. The child will not be allowed to get down at the boarding point if the person waiting to take the child is unknown. In such cases, the child will be taken back to the school and parents/guardians informed. The phone number of the nanny in the bus in which the child travels can be collected by the parent/ guardian. Strong and prompt disciplinary actions will be taken against the students who misbehave in the bus. If the school bus fails to ply on any day on account of some unforeseen difficulty, the students should come to school by other means. No complaint will be entertained on such issues.

i. Play Area
A purposefully built play area for the junior School with modern toys makes the young ones very energetic and their school life very joyful. Distinct play areas with playing equipment are also there for the other students.

j. Counselling
Counseling is provided for the students for their holistic personality development, in order to impart right
values and attitudes to the young minds, to bring up their hidden potential and to motivate
them. Psychological counseling is imparted to pupils who are unbalanced psychologically, socially, emotionally or due to circumstances. Remedial measures are offered to students who are in need of them.

k. Workshops
Workshops on “Keeping safe” across the school students and for parents and support staff.

  • Workshops on cyber safety for schools students
  • Workshops on Bullying and Empathy in school
  • Workshops on Substance abuse for Middle school
  • Workshops on “Sensitivity to children with Disability”
  • Sensitization and inclusion: workshops for teachers
  • Workshop on ‘Living Values’ for school teachers
  • Workshop on “Recognizing the similarities and accepting the differences”
  • Theatre based workshops from time to time
  • External Exposure for teachers and students from time to time